Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Whole Team

Tonight (starting at 9pm ET) we have a chance to hear from the VP candidates, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. While listening to them should be useful—especially since one of them could become President "in a heartbeat"—is the VP really the only one the President relies on when making a hard decision? Doesn't he consult a handful of people?

I think it would actually be more interesting for each side to be able to have 5 people up there Family Feud or Quizzo-style, discussing their answers in a huddle for one minute, and then having one person provide "the team answer." Here's my thinking:

The Whole Team
by Janet Wong

The way things are
we're just looking
at the star quarterback,
when everyone knows
he can't win alone.

I want to see
how the whole team plays
before I place my bet.

If you were running for President, who would you want on your dream team of advisers?

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