Friday, October 12, 2012

Discussion Question #11: Who Would You Want?

Who would be some of your ideal presidential (or VP) candidates? Why?

If Jon Stewart ran for President or VP, I would vote for him in a second. He's informed, he's smart, his heart is in the right place—and people listen to him.

And there are "regular people" that we all know who would make excellent elected officials, too. Here's a poem I wrote about that:

Land of the Free (Kick)
by Janet Wong

I do believe
beyond the shadow of a doubt
that I could vote for any
of twelve good men and women
to be president
if only they were willing
to have that job.
Brad and Angelina could job-share
and we'd be on top of the world.
Tebow: The Miracle President.
No one would mess with Oprah.
Or: how about my soccer coach?

With my soccer coach as president,
there would be no excuses.
Slack off and you'd have to do
fifty push-ups.
She could get Congress
playing together as a team.

God Bless America:
Land of the Free (Kick),
Home of the Brave!

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