Friday, November 4, 2016

Four Years (and a Whole Other World) Ago

The last time I posted here was a little more than three years ago. Oh, my: what changes have taken place in our world since then! And WHAT an election this has been!

Back in January 2016, when Ted Cruz was mocking Marco Rubio's boots, I thought: "How stupid can this election be? Don't people understand: it's really the socks!" 

This election cycle has taken STUPID to whole new heights, hasn't it? When I heard the lies and vitriol in the early Republican debates, when Trump criticized Megyn Kelly for "blood coming out of her wherever," I became nostalgic for the "lesser lies" and more civilized campaigns of 2012. 

It is November 4; the election is 4 days away. Some people are still undecided voters who don't like either of the major candidates. If you know someone like this—and especially if you live in a swing state—please explain that, with our electoral college system, a vote for Stein or Johnson or a written-in Bernie vote is essentially a vote for Trump. In a perfect world, we could each vote for someone we'd be happy to host for dinner. In this imperfect world, we now have two choices.

Sit down this weekend with your family or friends and talk about all the candidates (federal, state, local). Watch this clever and thought-provoking piece by Trevor Noah, and then fill out mock ballots or absentee ballots together.

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