Thursday, February 16, 2012

Discussion Question #4: Impossible Promises

Write a list of 10 impossible things that you would want to do if you were president . . . and share one of those crazy ideas here!


  1. skydive out of airforce one (parachute & paratroopers incuded)

  2. Annalisa: I do believe that this promise could get you elected! Wouldn't it be great if a lottery would be held once a year and one person was chosen at random to be allowed to jump? A very fun idea!!

  3. Here's a promise that's actually sort of "possible" but there is something glitchy going on in the comments section of Discussion Question #5 and the first line of the comment disappears--so I'm posting it here under "impossible."

    My promise: if I were elected President, I would spend my annual salary to distribute tens of thousands of cherry trees (for people to plant in parks) all over the country on National Honesty Day, April 30th. This would be a very presidential thing, I think, because the whole cherry tree chopping (George Washington) story is about truth, telling the truth even when it hurts, and goodness knows our country needs a major 4-year truth-telling session! So, cherry trees are a terrific presidential campaign symbol--the only problem with this is that, ironically, the legend is probably a lie...