Friday, February 3, 2012

Discussion Question #2: Ask A Voter

Here is Question #2 from the back of DECLARATION OF INTERDEPENDENCE (the Voter's Journal and Discussion Guide section). Ask around and please post what you find!

#2: Ask A Voter

Ask your grandparents, parents, another family member, or a neighbor about an election that was important to them . . . and post your notes here! 

One of my strongest memories of an election and a family member happened a few days after the Bush-Gore post-election chaos in 2000. My grandfather was in the hospital. The nurse was filling me in on his condition, saying he was clearly disoriented and "not entirely there"--saying this right in front of him. The example she gave of his confusion was, "He's watching the TV all day and he doesn't even know who the president is." She then shouted at him, "Mr. Wong, who is the president?" My grandfather stared blankly at me and mumbled, "Bush? Gore? Who IS it?" The nurse (oblivious to the hanging-chads controversy in Florida and the uncertain election results) said, triumphantly: "SEE!"

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